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A New Deck, the Perfect Way to Upgrade Your Home

A New Deck, the Perfect Way to Upgrade Your Home

  • April 1, 2022

Our crews at By The Blade know there are endless ways to upgrade a home. You can invest in new siding or paint, you can add beautiful landscaping to make your home more inviting, or you can even add a spa or pool to the backyard. The list of possibilities goes on forever.

Another upgrade you will want to consider is adding a new deck to your home. A deck can open lots of possibilities and brighten your boring backyard. As one of Kansas City, Parkville, and Leawood’s best lawn and landscape companies, our team of experienced designers has listed some of the biggest benefits of installing a new deck for your home.

Increase Your Outdoor Living Area

Being stuck inside all winter can make you a little stir-crazy. Some people feel like their house is getting smaller because they are unable to go outside due to the poor weather conditions.

A deck can be the perfect solution to make your house feel bigger. Patrick Vogt and his team of professional designers can help create a customized deck that you have always wanted. You can walk right out of your kitchen, living room, or bedroom and enjoy the beautiful views from your new deck. In fact, it might be your favorite place in the whole house to relax and unwind.

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You’ll See Your Home’s Value Increase

At By The Blade, we know just how much homeowners love having a new deck, but not just because of its functionality. A new deck is a great investment because it will immediately increase your home’s value. It can also be a great selling point if you decide to put your home on the real estate market.

You could see the value of your home increase by thousands of dollars, depending on the type of deck and its size. So, if you don’t already have a deck, it’s something you should strongly consider if you want to get maximum value out of your home.

A Great Space for Entertaining

If you love being the host or hostess for parties, events, and social gatherings, then a deck is a necessity. When you host an indoor party, you’ll have guests that track in dirt, spill food, leave crumbs behind, or possibly break something valuable. As one of Kansas City, Parkville, and Leawood’s best landscaping companies, our team at By The Blade knows that a deck is the perfect place for your next get-together.

Your deck will require little to no clean-up if your guests drop food or spill drinks. You also won’t have to worry about your valuable possessions getting broken inside your home. A new deck can be the ideal place for guests to gather while the interior of your home remains spotless.

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By The Blade is the perfect partner if you would like to upgrade your exterior living space. We are one of the best pool design companies in Leawood, Parkville, and Kansas City, but we also specialize in fire pits, pergolas, decks, landscaping, and so much more.

If you’re ready to get started on your next outdoor project, contact us online today. Or, you can give us a call at (913) 359-4844. We look forward to assisting you!