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Four Important Lawn Care Reminders for Fall; Tips from One of Leawood’s Best Landscaping Companies

Four Important Lawn Care Reminders for Fall; Tips from One of Leawood’s Best Landscaping Companies

  • September 15, 2022

One thing that’s for certain every September here in Leawood, summer will end and fall will begin. So, is your lawn ready for the change of seasons? Many people’s yards are not, but fortunately Patrick Vogt and his team at By The Blade are here to help.

We know that maintaining a yard can be a lot of hard work and you may not know exactly what to do each fall. As one of Leawood’s best lawn and landscape companies, we’ve compiled a short list of things you should focus on to make sure your lawn is prepared for the upcoming fall season.

Don’t Stop Mowing Yet!

You may think your mowing days are done when fall hits, but that isn’t always the case. It is important to continue to mow regularly until you get the first hard frost of the fall.

If you let your grass grow too long it may result in matting and become susceptible to fungi or snow mold. Also, cutting it too short can cause issues with the root system. When the roots are damaged it becomes more difficult for the grass to maintain itself during cold weather.

Aerating Your Lawn is Key

As one of the top landscape and hardscape design companies in Leawood, our experts know that fall is the best time to aerate your lawn. This ensures that your grass receives plenty of water, air, and nutrients to reach the root system.

If your yard becomes overrun with thick roots, stems, debris, or thatch, make sure these items are removed at least once per year. For the best results, aerating can be combined with fertilization, which we will discuss a bit later.

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Get Rid of Those Leaves

As one of Leawood’s best landscaping companies, we know that leaves can be a nuisance for many reasons. One of the biggest issues with leaves is the harm they can do to your grass. Thick layers of leaves can suffocate the grass by blocking light and moisture from getting to your lawn. The good news is that there a couple different options for removing leaves and keeping your grass healthy.

First, you can rake the leaves, bag them up, and dispose of them. Another way to remove leaves is by turning them into mulch or mowing them. Leaves can act as a great fertilizer when they are turned into mulch. They provide healthy nutrients that can make your yard flourish.


Patrick Vogt and his team of experts at By The Blade know how critical it is to fertilize your lawn at least once a year. If you choose to fertilize once a year, fall is the ideal time.

Even though the grass doesn’t seem to grow as quickly during the fall, the roots are still working hard underneath the surface.  Applying fertilizer helps give the roots many essential nutrients to help them survive until the spring.

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At By The Blade, we design and maintain amazing landscaping and hardscaping designs for our clients. If your lawn needs some serious upgrades or just needs freshened up a bit, contact us today to find out how we can help.

Patrick Vogt and his design team are ready to get to work on your next landscaping project. To get started, give us a call today at 913-359-4844 or contact us online for more information. We look forward to speaking with you very soon!