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Amazing Backyard Transformation Led by Patrick Vogt and the By The Blade Team

Amazing Backyard Transformation Led by Patrick Vogt and the By The Blade Team

  • October 1, 2021

If your backyard needs to be rejuvenated, our team at By The Blade can give you the jumpstart you need to make it turn from an eyesore to a masterpiece. Led by our owner Patrick Vogt, our team of lawn, landscape, and hardscape experts is ready to get to work and help you create the backyard you have always wanted.

One perfect example of A backyard remodel is this beautiful project we completed for one of our loyal customers just outside of Leawood in Kansas City. Some of the highlights of the project include:

  • Backyard Tear Out
  • Removal of Old Koi Pond
  • New Turf Installation
  • Added Perineal Plants/Hydrangeas
  • Upgraded Drainage Solutions
  • New Edging, Stepping Stones, and Other Stonework
  • Enhanced LED Lighting System
  • Improved Irrigation System

Backyard Tear Out

Sometimes a backyard can be in such dire condition that it’s easier to just start from scratch. If that sounds like your backyard, contact one of the best landscape design companies in Leawood, Parkville, and Kansas City, our team at By The Blade. We can do a complete backyard tear-out, just like we did for this project. This provides a clean slate, which is sometimes a better option than trying to fix any current issues.

Removal of Old Koi Pond

If you have large objects that are an eyesore for your backyard, our crews can have them removed. Patrick Vogt and his team removed an old koi pond during this project to help get the project going in the right direction. Removing old items from the backyard is a quick way to hit the reset button, similar to painting a room a new color or upgrading your furniture.

By The Blade

New Turf

Speaking of painting a room a new color, adding brand new turf is the backyard version of that. A fresh green patch of grass or turf will significantly upgrade any backyard living space, just like it did for this particular project.

Added Perennial Plants/Hydrangeas

Perennial plants are a great addition to any backyard. They require less care than many other types of plants because they grow back every year, unlike most other plants that die off each year. Many of the best landscape construction companies in Leawood, Parkville, and Kansas City recommend hydrangeas to their clients for this reason.

Upgraded Drainage Solutions

Many backyards become unhealthy or messy because of improper drainage. With this particular project, our By The Blade team improved the drainage to help reduce water puddling and muddy areas in the backyard.

New Edging, Stepping Stones, and Other Stonework

No backyard living space in Leawood is complete without the right stonework. This is especially true for this project as the highly-detailed rock work really sets this backyard apart from so many others. Large square stepping stones, flawless edging, and numerous other stone accents really enhance the beauty of this particular outdoor living space.

By The Blade

Enhanced LED Lighting System

There’s no better way to set the mood for your outdoor living area than with premium LED lighting. This backyard space is equipped with easily controllable LED lights than can be adjusted using a mobile device. So you can quickly adjust the brightness to whatever best suits you and your guests.

Improved Irrigation System

One of the best ways to keep your backyard lush and green is with a high-end irrigation system. Our team at By The Blade made sure this was included in the design. An irrigation system will ensure a healthy lawn for homeowners.

By The Blade

If you are looking to upgrade your backyard, contact the team that many people consider Kansas City, Parkville, and Leawood’s best lawn and landscape company. Give By The Blade a call today at (913) 359-4844 or contact us online to get started.