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Bring the Crew Together with a Backyard Fire Pit

Bring the Crew Together with a Backyard Fire Pit

  • June 1, 2022

When you consider some of the most noticeable features of an outdoor living space, what immediately comes to mind? For some, it might be comfortable patio furniture to relax and soak in a peaceful evening under the stars. Others may want an outdoor kitchen with a smoker or grill. Some people may even want to upgrade to a luxurious spa or a swimming pool.

As one of the best landscape construction companies in Leawood, Parkville, and Kansas City, By The Blade knows there are plenty of backyard amenities that bring people together. One that is quickly becoming a “gotta have it” item for many people is a brand new fire pit. Fire pits are not only visually stunning, but they are quite functional as well. Let’s look deeper at some of the things you’ll enjoy after adding a new fire pit to your property.

A Great Complement for Your Landscaping

Nothing takes your landscaping up a notch like a brand new firepit. It is a great addition to any living space and can be used during all seasons. Fire pits provide warmth during those chilly fall evenings, and adds some extra flair to summer nights that you wish would go on forever. Patrick Vogt and his amazing crew can help design and create an amazing fire pit that truly ties your backyard living space together.

Perfect for Late Night Snacks

What’s the one snack that is synonymous with a backyard fire pit? S’mores, of course! Almost everyone loves toasting marshmallows and combining them with graham crackers and chocolate for the perfect fire pit snack dessert. Before the s’mores, you can even have a hot dog roast with your friends. Dinner and dessert by the fire is hard to beat!

Patrick Vogt

A Great Addition for Pool Owners

After a swim in the pool, there’s no better place to get dry and toasty than by the fire pit. Many pool owners add built-in seating or premium patio furniture to circle their fire pit. The fun in the pool can carry over to the fire pit, where everyone can sit, chat, and soak in all the fun. As one of the best pool design companies in Leawood, Parkville, and Kansas City, our team at By The Blade knows that fire pits are becoming an essential add-on for many pool owners.

Increase Your Property Value

As one of Kansas City, Parkville, and Leawood’s best lawn and landscape companies, we know it’s important to add features that improve your home’s value. That’s precisely what a fire pit does. Since they have become a backyard staple over the last several years, investing in a premium fire pit can only increase your home’s overall value. Customized fire pits can add even more value to your property, so contact Patrick Vogt and his crew to help design a fire pit that will complement your backyard perfectly.

Patrick Vogt

If you want to enhance your backyard living space with one of the many popular amenities on the market, our team is here to help. Whether it’s a fire pit, pergola, outdoor kitchen, spa, or swimming pool, By The Blade has the answers. Led by our owner Patrick Vogt, our crews will help create the living space you’ve always wanted.

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